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Mental Health + Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Healium is a low-risk general wellness tool used by mental health professionals all over the world. When used during a therapeutic session, patients can be coached through moments of acute stress. When used at home, users can begin to better self-manage their anxiety and stress. 

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Dr. Jeff Tarrant will walk you through how to coach patients during times of acute stress using VR, when to use the Focus or Quiet Mind protocols, and how Healium uses brainwave data.  

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Healium in Behavioral Health Settings: Acute Stress Reduction for Therapy Patients

Start reading the guide now with this article by Dr. Jeff Tarrant. He reviews different ways to use Healium with clients and patients. VR and AR can be used as adjunctive tools to assist in the reduction of stress. These tools can be used during sessions and as an a tool for clients to implement practices at home.